Saving lives one cup of OG Coffee at a time!

For years I never knew what my Mission in life was. Year to Year I would ask my creator, "What is my purpose in this World?". I never received an answer but as I reflect back for the last 36 years of my life- he never gave me the answer because he was still preparing me for my destiny. May 26, 2012 was the date I received my revelation. This particular weekend I was in Dallas, TX at an Organo Gold VIP Super Saturday event. I had to force myself to go back to my suite at the Hilton Anatole to get some rest. I had a lot of emotions rumbling in me that day that made me feel quite fatigue. May 26th is an extremely momentous day for me. On May 26th, 26 years ago my #1 man was rushed to the hospital taking his last breath in my Father's arms. That day was the day my Grandfather passed 26 years earlier. That day was also the day I got my calling in Life. As clear as I can see the palm of my hands I heard -
​"KIM... You are here to positively impact a Million Women spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or financially directly or indirectly through Organo Gold."

My beginning started in 1978 on January 17th when I came into this world in a Galveston, TX hospital. I was raised in Beaumont, TX mainly by my Grandparents. My parents were gone most of the time to make ends meet. My father was a fisherman and he was gone weeks at a time and my mother worked a Full time job and two additional Part time jobs to make certain there was enough food on the table and clothes on our backs. My parents were hard workers and great providers to all six of their children. I was the youngest child out of six children. I was far from spoiled. At age seven, my Grandmother taught me what hard work was all about. While my brothers & sisters were inside watching Saturday morning cartoons my Grandmother would wake me up at 6am on Saturday mornings to sweep the floor, water the 2,000 sq ft garden using plant pails, along with stomping aluminum cans so my mother can exchange the cans for money. For a long time I resented Grandmother for tormenting me every Saturday. But I realized she wasn't tormenting me; she was playing an instrumental part in my Life by preparing me for my future Life lessons. She would always tell me, "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger" !!

At the age of 14-16 I started working summer jobs. At the age of 16 I had my first Full-Time job at a restaurant and worked myself up to a Manager. I graduated from West Brook High School and went on to attend Lamar University for Business Management. At the age of 20 I had other jobs that I started from the bottom & was blessed to work my self to the top and maintained some type of managerial position; all while going to college Full-time. My Grandmother always said, "We came to this country to give you all a better Life. Make certain you finish school and get a good job." I was never in love with school and always had to work hard to get my good grades. On May 22, 1999 I lost my She-ro! I took it hard and felt I wasn't able to move on with out my G-ma. I quit college and hid my sorrow by focusing on my career.  I dedicated my time and committed myself to a company that paid me extremely well for someone that dropped out of college. Although this company didn't give the same commitment as I did in the company, I took away a lot of corporate experiences along with social skills that allowed me to develop my leadership roles. When my income was capped out at this company was when I realized in order to increase my financial thermostat I had to remove the lid on my life. Against my father and my family's will I moved to Houston in 2002. I was blessed to have met a successful gentleman in the company where I was employed. He showed me how to stretch myself and for the first time in my life I was able to get extremely close to a 6 Figure income. This gentleman even stretched me further and helped me become an entrepreneur. It was then I knew I wanted him to be a part of my life forever. It was a fairy tale moment when Samuel D. Bean asked me to marry him.
​I knew I was going to have the American dream and live happily ever after.

We built a real estate empire and invested our all in our real estate and mortgage company.  We even started a foreclosure prevention company.  We woke up one day and two banks we were doing business with went bankrupt.  We lost our "American Dream".  Foreclosure papers were served to us and we had two vehicle repossessed.  I was 6 months pregnant and was laid off three times already.  As my husbands helper I had to do something!  I went back to work 6 months pregnant.  During this time Mr Edwin Haynes approached us with Organo Gold.  Financially it was not the right time.  Emotionally it was not the right time.  As we all know opportunities never come at the right time.  Although it was not the right ​​time, ​we made it the RIGHT TIME.  My husband and I prayed for financial relief and that's exactly what God gave us and more.  We just didn't know it was disguised as Organo Gold and the messenger were two ​multi-millionaires Mr. Edwin Haynes and Mr. Holton Buggs.  My husband and I wrote out a contract and committed to each other that I would take care of the home-front as he build our OG business.  We both kept our promises to each other and after building OG for 11 months I retired from my J.O.B.  
​​I have not punched a clock for anyone since the age of 31.
​Thanks to Organo Gold we are living the #1 Lifestyle in the world as Diamonds.  
​God has blessed us with a Blissful marriage and two healthy handsome boys.  
​And our gratitude to God is why we have our shared goal and our individual missions.



MISSION: To positively impact a Million Women spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or financially directly or indirectly through Organo Gold." ​​